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Roy Walker IFA

Based in Singapore, I am Associate Director and Principal Consultant for the Expat Advisory Group at IPP Financial Advisers. I provide financial advice and wealth management services to private clients throughout the region.

Originally an engineer, my first master’s degree was in telecommunications engineering. However I soon realised I enjoyed the financial and commercial side of business more, and I took my MBA with Finance specialism at Imperial College London in 1992. I’ve been involved in several corporate acquisitions plus two company listings (IPO’s) on European stock exchanges. For a while I was group commercial director for then the UK’s largest independent ISP. I have also been involved in software development and internet businesses including a leading-edge internet security developer.

Several years ago I made the decision to leave the corporate world and focus on working one-to-one with private clients. I’ve never looked back and find it tremendously rewarding - building financial security for my clients, and lifetime friendships.

I am British, 50 years old, married (to easily the smartest person I know), and have six children. I’ve lived in SE Asia on-and-off for over twenty years.

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My Personal Philosophy

In my early days as an engineer I learned the value of ‘taking things back to first principles’. The laws of gravity don’t change. Electrons will always behave the same way. Whatever neat stuff the technologists come up with in the future, if you know the fundamentals then you can always understand. In finance, it’s just the same. By taking things back to first principles, and staying focused on the fundamentals, we can usually achieve our financial goals without losing sleep and without having to worry about today’s financial headlines. It’s my job to help make that happen for my clients.

This Website

After my previous site was hacked, I rebuilt this site from scratch in first part of 2016. If you’re interested to find out how, go here.