Financial success for international professionals

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Working With A Financial Adviser

New to financial planning?
Your first meeting with a financial adviser - what to expect
I don’t need a financial adviser!

The Essentials

Inflation, compound growth, and the time value of money
How much to save - a rough guide
Will I have enough to retire?
The ultimate retirement planning calculator
How to build $1 million by age 55
Savings and investment plan growth calculator
How to read a fund factsheet
Are you taking enough risk?

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Dollar Cost Averaging - the black magic of the investment world
Reduce risk, remove stress, and access market returns - Dollar Cost Averaging II
Warren Buffet on hamburgers
Who cares what happens in the markets today?
My savings plan is down! Should I be worried?
The role of property in long term financial planning


Special considerations for expats
University fee planning
Limits on Singapore CPF fund contributions for expats
QROPS - UK pension transfers
MUST READ - Your Assets Have Nowhere To Hide
UK inheritance tax rules for British expats - what you need to know
British expat? Huge UK tax benefits of an offshore investment plan
Tax-Free savings plans for Australians

Not Rocket Science

Future value calculation and the Rule of 72
Understanding compound and annualised growth
Key interest rate definitions
Rational portfolio construction - brief academic overview
Introduction to asset allocation for the ordinary investor

Protected? Really?

Double check your life insurance now!
What kind of financial protection do I need?
Essential considerations when choosing life insurance
Health insurance - key points to consider

How bonds changed the world - and how they’ll shape your financial future